Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Journey so far....


"The Courage to Start, the Strenght to Endure and the Resolve to Finish"

I heard this quote once at a Weight Watchers meeting. To me, this embodies what weight loss is. All three are needed to have a successful Journey in Weight Loss (W.L.) 

How you restructure your mind frame into what W.L. is all about will dictate how Victorious you will emerge from your journey. 

First and foremost, don't call it a DIET. That is a dirty word. It should never be uttered by someone who wants to succeed. Call it a new eating regimen. Or a revamping of your eating habits. I, by no means am an expert, but every time I uttered the word DIET, I would feel restricted. I would feel like anything that I ate, that wasn't considered a "diet" food, was a form of cheating. This would lead me to feelings of failure and finally giving up. 

W.L. isn't just about what you eat, but about your mind frame. How you feel that day. Or the day before. It encompasses emotional baggage, whether you eat for comfort or happiness or you deprive your body of food because you are depressed. It is a roller coaster, in my opinion. You must be aware of these emotions to better identify what triggers your binges or fastings. 

What I hope to accomplish with this blog, is to pass on the information I have gathered thought my years of being a "Dieter".  My realization that I do not wish to be a "dieter" anymore. And to remind me of what I've learned along the way. 

I am 5'6" tall and when I started this journey, I weighed 278lbs.

That has been the heaviest I've been all my life. 

Here is my first journey back in 2010.

01-04-10: 278
01-11-10: 270
01-18-10: 266
01-25-10: 264 ----->5%loss
02-01-10: 263.2
02-08-10: 262
02-15-10: 260.2
02-22-10: 256.8
03-01-10: 257.4
03-08-10: 256.2
03-15-10: 255
03-27-10: 255.4
04-09-10: 255
04-15-10: 254.4
04-24-10: 256.2
05-01-10: 254.0
05-08-10: 253.4
05-15-10: 253.8
05-26-10: 253
06-05-10: 251
06-12-10: 253.2
06-19-10: 254.2
06-26-10: 254
07-03-10: 252.6
07-10-10: 251.6
07-17-10: 250. ----------> 10% loss 
07-24-10: 251
07-31-10: 243.8
08-07-10: 245.4
08-14-10: 242
08-21-10: 241.2
08-28-10: No weigh in. Pregnant.

I have written down my W.L. So far and in publishing it, will hopefully find me more accountable.